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Best carpet steam cleaners Huntington Beach California 92648

  We are the best carpet steam cleaners there is, hands down! Don't you get tired of that slogan that so many service providers claim? To be honest, nobody really believes that nonsense anyway. Why? Well, think about it, who is going to take the time to compare you with others and come to the same conclusion? It's sad, but the carpet cleaning world has fallen into that trap as well. In lots of their marketing materials, they make the same claim that they are the best carpet steam cleaners around.

Again they are banking on the fact that you have no real comparisons to go by to come to the conclusion that they are in fact the ultimate best there is in the whole wide world of carpet cleaning. My company, KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning of Huntington Beach Ca. 92648 started out some 30 years ago with the commitment that we were not going to make such a claim, but let you the homeowner make that observation, and let our service speak for itself. Saying that you are the best at anything is not really being totally honest if you think about it. After all, has any carpet cleaner out there really gone out there and observed all these other carpet cleaners and said: Yup, we are in fact the best there is. You know that answer, they haven't, and they can't. They use these slogans in the hope that you won't know any better and just take their word for it. Now don't get me wrong, honest, professional carpet cleaners should have a sense of pride in their work, and a little bragging is fine from time to time. But to use that claim that "we are the best carpet steam cleaners around" as part of there majority of ad's is not convincing, and to be honest, is ignored by most discerning homeowners. When we at KleenSmart opened our doors for business, we felt that it was the consumer who really has the final say about the level of our service. And to further build confidence in our potential clients that we will deliver the service that we say, we offer a FREE trial cleaning of carpet up to 50 feet. No charge, no obligation. If you like us, you keep us, if you don't, you wont. What could be more fair?

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