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I don't care what service company you call, nobody wants to do business with anyone that does not have proper understanding and education about the services they provide. And nobody really wants mid-grade services as well. But in all honesty most people ignore those buzz words like professional service, and yes even the word or term expert. Why is that the case? Because nobody really checks to see if what the company says about them is really true or not. And like most of us, if the marketing is done right, many will just believe what is on the printed page or what might be located on the internet.


For the sake of this article, we will talk about finding a carpet cleaning expert in Seal Beach Ca. First of all, my heart goes out to the average consumer in this area as this a most difficult challenge. We are just saturated with carpet cleaners in the area that want very much to convince you that they are the carpet cleaner that is going to save the day, they are the go to service company, and yes they are the expert you should call. Here is just one of many area's that you can take a close look when looking for a carpet cleaning expert. Lets start with the phone call. When they answer their phone, what do they sound like? You know, the voice has it's own body language and people are real quick to pick up on being snowed or scammed. For example, when you ask them a question, what kind of answer do you get? Do they sound like they are just throwing some quick reply out there hoping you might not ask another one? In the age of Google and other ways to get honest information, consumers are a lot more informed than they were a few years ago, and they will not put up with nonsense from any company. They come much more educated and will call the hand of a company that is just stringing them along. So for your first line of defense, read the body language of the voice on the other end. We are smart enough to tell if what we are hearing is the voice of a real expert.In future articles, I will reveal some other things that will help you identify a carpet cleaning expert in Seal Beach, Ca. until then, don't be gullible. Do your research. It's worth it. And remember, it's ultimately you, the consumer who decides if any service provider is an expert.