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Scotchgard protection on carpet Long Beach, California 90803

KleenSmart Carpet cleaning of Long Beach California 90803 would also like to recommend applying a fabric protection such as Scotch-Gard after your carpet is professionally steamed cleaned or as we call it at KleenSmart, hot water extraction.Many have heard of the benefits of fabric protection or Scotchgard brand carpet protection put on your carpet after cleaning. Here is a little bit of helpful information about carpet fabric protection. First of all, when you buy new carpet from a carpet retailer, the carpet comes with a warranty spill protection. That comes from the application of Scotchgard or other fabric protectors applied to your carpet in the milling process. The Scotchgard is heat set into the fibers, and this in turn puts a barrier on the fibers that protect the carpet from spills and stains soaking in. It is important to note that Scotchgard protection on new carpet does not cover all spills and stains, but it covers most of the common spills and stains that homeowners encounter with everyday activity on the carpet. The makers of carpet feel this is an important part of their new carpets they sell as they want the buyer to enjoy their carpet for many years. Without the addition of Scotchgard, or fabric protection, carpets would rapidly soil and wear out faster. Many will recall the shag carpet of the 1970's. Back in those years, fabric protection was not really in use, and carpets soiled very quickly. Shag carpet, because it did not have the Scotchgard protector built in to the yarn really began to show the dirt rather quickly, and of course this almost led many to go back to hard surface flooring. So, the carpet mills went back to the drawing board, so to speak, and came up with a solution that has satisfied homeowners for many years now, that being the application of Scotchgard or another quality fabric protector. It is good to note that Scotchgard protection should be reapplied to your carpet after about 3 years of normal foot traffic. All fabric protectors will wear after a few years, and Scotchgard is no different. Scotchgard protection really should be applied by a professional carpet cleaning service such as KleenSmart Carpet cleaning of Long Beach 90803. We have the training to apply it properly so it will make your carpets perform like the day you bought them. Give us a call at: 1-800-846-5608.

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