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 Oh , it's that time every year when homeowners will get on the computer and try to locate a carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaner for their usual spring cleaning. Or they may check the mail and find an envelope with what is called a coupon mailer. Usually in that stack of coupons lies a carpet cleaning ad for carpet cleaning services. The next time you get one of those, take a very close look at the ad and especially the prices that they are offering to get your business. In most cases they are very low, so low that you just can't refuse the deal. Well, before you get on the phone and call those companies, take a moment and perhaps look a little closer at the fine print at the bottom of most of the coupon mailers for carpet cleaning. Many of them will have what is called "optional services" at additional costs for services that you may not even need or in all honesty, should be included in the cleaning anyway. Terms like deep cleaning, or preconditioning, or 2 stage cleaning, or any other kind of similar wording, is an indication that the coupon carpet cleaning is probably going to cost you a lot more in the long run that what the coupon is offering. Many homeowners have not been very impressed with the coupon carpet cleaning in Newport Beach Ca. 92660. Just for the record, it's not to say that looking for a fair price for carpet cleaning is necessarily a wrong thing. We all want to work within our own personal budgets, but if we gravitate toward the usually low price coupon carpet cleaners, then you may find out that in most of the cases, you got what you paid for. Many times you get a whole lot of sales pitching, and a little bit of real cleaning. So, if the coupon carpet cleaning is the way you want to go, just be prepared to perhaps not be all that impressed. At KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning, we avoid those coupon carpet cleaning ads in Newport Beach Ca. 92660 because with over 30 years in the carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning business, we are not going to sell you short when it comes to cleaning your home properly. We have found that cheaper, coupon prices usually don't equal high quality results. If you are looking for real,experienced, professional carpet , upholstery, and tile cleaning, not "coupon carpet cleaning", then please feel free to call Kleensmart at: 1-562-260-1326. We are in the field most of the time so that number will go right to our cell phone service.In most cases, we answer right away. Our professional carpet cleaning services extend to other cities such as Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Seal Beach, and Long Beach and surrounding area's.

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