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How to remove sour milk from carpet, Long Beach California 90803

How to remove Sour Milk from carpet , Long Beach California 90803

If you have infants in the home the day will come when milk will be spilled on carpet, or maybe someone else will spill a full glass of milk on the carpet in many cases all we are able to do is blot up the area and hope for the best. What we find out later though is that the smell of sour milk will permeate the room where the accident occurred. So her are some recommended suggestions below that will be helpful to remove sour milk odor from carpet. What would be helpful is to have some way of rinsing out the affected area after this treatment by using a wet and dry vacuum, or a portable rinse extractor. Flushing the area will assure better removal.


1. First blot up as much of the spill as possible with terry cloth towels do not use colored towels.

2 Cover the area that has been affected with liberal amounts of baking soda.

3. Take a spray bottle with cold water and mist the area to dampen the baking soda you notice we use the word dampen, but do not saturate.

4. Allow the damp baking soda to stay on the affected area overnight until it is completely dry.

5. In the morning take a tablespoon and scrape the affected area where the baking soda has been sprinkled to break it loose from the carpet.

6. Vacuum the entire area to remove the baking soda.

If this does not work to your satisfaction then the affected area may need professional care by calling KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning. We have many products available to remove sour milk odor from carpet that homeowners may not have available. Plus the area affected may need to be flushed out using cold water extraction until the odor is removed and then clean it again using hot water extraction.

If you need further assistance with this problem, call KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning in Long Beach California 90803 at: 1-562-260-1326