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Paint Removal From Carpet, Huntington Beach, Ca. 92648

 There is nothing more difficult to remove from carpet fibers than paint. It is a very strong substance, and normal spotters won't even touch it. On synthetic fibers, many have found that the product called Goof-Off has worked well in the removal of paint as well as paint thinner. But in the use of these products, one has to be very careful not to overuse the product. If you saturate the area too much this can cause the backing of the carpet to come apart from the carpet fiber, and will leave loose bumps or ripples where the damage has occurred. This cannot be corrected unless you have that area cut out and patch in a new piece. So when it comes to paint, and especially if you have spilled a large amount, flushing out as much of the spill is important. A wet and dry vac will sometimes do the trick. Extract as much of the solid material that you can, followed by a rinse and extract. You will probably have to repeat this several times, because paint is very concentrated. If complete removal of the paint is not possible, then perhaps calling a professional carpet cleaner would be in order. If you get paint on a wool rug, don't attempt to remove this using the products we mentioned. Wool is a natural fiber, and many of these solvents will ruin a wool fiber and may cause the colors to bleed as well. For professional paint removal from carpet in Huntington Beach Ca. 92648 call at KleenSmart Carpet Cleaning at: 1-562-260-1326. We cover all other area's of Huntington Beach as well as cities from Long Beach to Newport Beach, Ca. our 24 years of service will have your carpet, upholstery. and tile shining like new again.

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